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Tips for an Effective Infographic

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There is nothing more effective than visual marketing and infographics are a great tool to use to tell your story. Not all infographics are created equal, but if done right, they can capture the attention of your audience by telling your story efficiently.

What is an infographic? 

An infographic is a visual image such as a chart or diagram used to represent data or information.  When designed correctly, infographics are eye-catching and can really grab the attention of the reader. This is especially true when you place your infographic at the beginning of your content.

Readers love them!

Did you know that infographics are shared more than 3 times than any other content? That is because readers love these visuals. Since they can lead to double the number of shares, you should make sure to always take the time to share your infographic across all marketing channels, especially social media. Don’t be afraid to use them frequently. If they look good and contain valuable information, your infographics will become quite popular. If you aren’t the best with images and designing, it is a smart idea to hire a Phoenix digital marketing agency to help you design one.

Helpful Tips

Always start off by doing your research from reputable and credible sources. Infographics should always contain no more than 400 words and always include keywords that pertain to your campaign. You can figure out the right keywords to use by using analytics and finding out the age, gender and other demographic traits you want to target to. It helps to start off with a broad topic when conducting your research and then narrow it down. You never want to overwhelm your reader with too much content. Remember, use fewer numbers of words and more visuals to get more views and shares.

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