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Mi Max 2 Vs One Plus 3T

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Chinese mobile phone makers continue eating into the market share as far as smart phones are concerned, and it’s quickly becoming clear that the clichés of the past regarding Chinese products are no longer valid. With affordable prices, sleek designs and technological advancements laid out for all to see, China made mobile phones are in, and retailers and online stores in India have quickly caught on. This includes Tata CLiQ, where the latest mobile phones can be purchased with all the necessary warranties.

The latest offering in terms of mobile technology is from Xiaomi, whose Mi Max 2 was release on July 20th. So what exactly is the Mi Max 2, where in the mobile phone hierarchy does it stand, and what can we expect from it?

A quick look tells us that the Mi Max is best compared with OnePlus 3T, now over six months on the market. Xaiomi’s Mi Max has an increased number of cores in its central processing unit. It is anticipated that more cores will result in better parallelism, meaning more tasks can be processed in parallel and the phone won’t become frustratingly slow or result in a slower user interface. While the power of the 3T’s core might still mean the phone is faster overall, the Mi Max provides some much-needed relief for users used to toggling between various tasks.

On a visual level, the Mi Max 2 is about 17% bigger than the OnePlus 3T. The decision to expand the screen is probably a very astute decision by the maker, since the target demographic utilising Xiaomi are a class that tend to rely on their phones for watching movies, lengthy videos, and playing games – the larger screen is bound to receive a very warm reception.

Another definitive point for Mi Max 2 is its expandable storage. Unless the user is very regular with clearing media files from their phones, this generation of smartphone users use their phones to store, edit and share images, music files, videos, animations, whether produced by them or generated. The automatic backup facility of most messaging services also means that storage gets filled up very quickly. Unlike the OnePlus 3T, the Mi Max 2 allows for the 64 GB storage to be expanded to 128 GB through the memory card, a sure way to raise the score on its desirability. On the topic of media, a minor, but important point is the Xiaomi Mi Max also supports FM Radio, a facility that is not available across all lower-end smartphones.

Finally, in a move that puts the Mi Max 2 at a definite advantage is the substantially bigger battery, with 55% more battery capacity than the OnePlus 3T. The woes of low battery function, or of battery power not lasting very long when life is on the run is well known. The move to increase battery capacity and thereby have the phone last longer is therefore a major selling point. The higher capacity is also necessary to support the larger processor, and the increase is sufficiently proportional to be viable and long lasting.

So let’s get out there and start shopping at Tata CLiQ Diwali Sale where you can purchase Mi Max 2 at best deals and prices.

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