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Check the following conditions before you decide to purchase.

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There are a lot of used cars in the market that are being sold with the hidden agenda of covering up malicious acts. Because of these, there are several things that a buyer should first consider before purchasing. Some of the conditions potential buyers should check when they want to buy used in bangalore include the following:

Check for leaks

It is essential for buyers to check for any leakages that a car might have. A leakage is an indicator that the car is in need of repairs and that it has not been serviced on a regular basis. Depending on the color of the fluid, you can identify the kind of leakage the car might be experiencing. Black fluid means there might be an oil leakage, green fluid means a possible antifreeze leakage, and pink fluid is an indication of leakage in the transmission system.

Check the exterior

Potential buyers should check for any scratches or rust on the car and its parts. If any of these are present, it strongly indicates that the car was not serviced regularly. There should also be no cracks on the glass parts of the car. It is also important to check the car’s tires if they are worn out. Tires should have at least 1/16 inch of tread for it to be legal. Sidewalls should be examined for any scuffing or cracks and the edges of each rim should be inspected for any dents.

Check the interior

Carefully check the car’s interior for any odors, torn seats, and worn out pedals. Acrid smells are difficult to get rid of and may indicate that the previous user of the car was a smoker. Check all of the seats if the adjustments function properly and if it can be adjusted to a better driving position. Check the rubber on the pedals, brake, and clutch as these indicate the car’s usage while the trunk should be inspected for any signs of water entry and the spare tire.

Take it for a road test

It is advisable to book for a road test if the vehicle is to be bought from the digital marketplace. Test driving the vehicle will help note any unusual engine or brake noises and whether any electronic equipment are functioning properly.

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