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Revamping Your Website – Discuss These Things With Web Developers!

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All your marketing and promotional efforts are directed towards your brand, and your website is the face of that brand. No wonder, businesses spend a considerable amount of money in creating the perfect portal. If you are looking ahead to redesign and revamp your website, there are a few things you need to discuss with web developers. Before we talk of that, let’s start with the process of finding a reliable company for job.

Finding a web development team

Web development companies claim big things about their services, but there are three things that you must check before hiring one.

  • Start with their expertise. What kind of websites do they make? Are they familiar with the different CMS systems? Are they capable of doing ecommerce sites, as needed?
  • Check their work. If a company has been in business for more than five years, they must have a few clients and projects worth showing. Ask for references and check some of the websites done by them.

  • Do they offer quote in advance? If yes, what’s included in the price? Do they offer at least two months of free tech support after the launch?

Redesigning your website

Once you have hired the web developers, a few things must be discussed in detail.

  • How do they plan to improve on the existing website? Revamping is all about bettering the design, theme and layout, and the end results should be understandable and viable for the investment.
  • Explain your needs. With a new website, you might have a few new requirements, as well. You have to explain these things to the developers, so that they can create a theme that incorporates the requirements.
  • Will they show a demo? Ideally, the design team will take your approval before they decide on a few things, especially the color scheme, design layout and theme structure.

  • For many websites, you may need additional functionalities, such as plug-ins, add-ons and templates. If you have such requirements, do mention the same in the scope of the website.
  • Finally, discuss the aspects related to marketing and SEO. A good website should be designed in a way that the promotional tasks get easier for the marketing team. Your developers should be capable of offering inputs on these aspects.

You can check online to find a few good services, and for web development, you can hire offshore teams, as well, as long as you have assured support!

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