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5 Simple Facts about Maximo Job Opportunities Explained

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Maximo Asset Management is an EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) system developed by IBM. This Asset Management tool tracks the operation, maintenance and disposal of assets in an organisation.

If you are looking forward to making a career in IBM Maximo, then there are lots of Maximo jobs opportunity options waiting for you.

Maximo is known to be critical in the asset intensive industry like oil and gas, pharma, heavy manufacturing industries, hotel industry etc.

We have listed few interesting facts about Maximo jobs below

  1. An Actuate technology embedded in Maximo allows the user to incorporate BIRT templates, which introduce an ad-hoc web-based reporting.
  2. The BIRT (Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools) is an open source software that provides business intelligence and reporting capabilities for rich web and client applications.
  3. With the Actuate commercial products, one can easily enhance the core functionality provided by the Business Intelligence and Reporting tools. This can be used to manage and support the open source BIRT reports.
  4. When IBM was focusing on the instrumented, intelligent and interconnected systems as a part of the ecosystem, Maximo (IBM’s product) serves as a hub of these solutions suite.Maximo became a part of substantial transformations with some of the largest clients of IBM.
  5. Most of the businesses are deriving value from the Internet of Things through the connections between physical objects and the digital world. Recently, IBM has decided to provide the best Internet of Things suite in the industry. This is one of the biggest transformations in the history of Maximo and it changes the role of physical elements in every industry.

Because of this tremendous transformation of Internet of Things, there are lot of Maximo jobs opportunity in every MNC today. Another interesting fact about Maximo is that MRO software, the original provider of Maximo was acquired by IBM in August, 2006.

Hope this article has opened up few interesting and unknown facts about IBM’s Maximo. If you know any more interesting facts about Maximo, feel free to leave a comment below.

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