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5 Important Things to Consider Before Buying a Monitor Desk Mount

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A designer knows how important it is to have multiple displays or a big display. When it comes to handling and placing these multiple displays, it is a daunting task. The best way to mount multiple displays is to purchase a monitor desk mount.

There are various desk mounts available in the market. You can get a quad monitor Monoprice desk mount at Primecables.com or go for even more screens if you feel like. But here are some things that should be present in all these monitor desk mounts. Therefore, before you buy a monitor desk mount, you should check for these 5 important things:

  • Maximum Weight of Each Display Mount:

The maximum weight of each display mount should be more than your display’s weight. Good display mounts can withstand a maximum of 22lbs i.e. 10 Kg. This weight can carry most of the common LED screens.

  • Sturdy Construction:

If the mount has a wobbly and loose construction, even if it can withstand the weights, the structure would fall down. It won’t look elegant either. Proper steel and aluminum construction ensures that your mount is sturdy and free from rust as well!

  • Movement of the Screen:

If your screen stays stagnant in one position, the mount isn’t of much use as you would have to move the entire mount to move the screen. It is better that you have a mount that allows you to move the displays in the following ways:

  1. Rotate in 360 degrees.
  2. Tilt in +90 and -90 degrees.
  3. Swivel in 180 degrees.

These movements help you to easily work and test your work.

  • Management of Cables:

If your mount doesn’t have a way to manage the cables dangling through it, the entire setup isn’t worthy of being in an office. It looks like some bachelor gamer’s setup and the wires get tangled. Therefore, proper cable management should be there. Each screen’s wires should go and meet at one point from which they should go to the power socket together.

  • Easy Installation and Easy Display:

The mount’s purpose is to easily set up all the displays. For this to happen, the mount should at least be capable of setting up a 10”-20” display so that a normal size LED could easily fit on the mount. The installation should be effortless and easy as well.

Once you have considered all these things, you can start your designing work in peace with your new display mount.

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