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3 Uses of VBA for Data Analytics Projects

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Every professional within the IT services industry knows the significance of having the ability to use multiple tools concurrently. Generally, project workflows are made to flow sequentially as outputs from stage are utilized as inputs in the next up until the final outputs are produced. Same with the situation with projects in data analytics projects. VBA is an element that’s generally accustomed to produce the final reports around the analytics which are performed included in the data transformation process. VBA has numerous applications but listed here are aspects specific to data analytics projects.

1. Automation – This really is most likely probably the most apparent application for VBA. Because most reports are located in stand out sheets, it enables for repetitive tasks to become automated using VBA macros. VBA provides two techniques to build automation modules. First, it enables users to record actions being performed on screen and helps to create the appropriate code instantly, that the user can help to save. Another way, is always to really write the scripts on your own. This method is much more appropriate in which the tasks to become performed are complex. Simple tasks can produced simply by recording and saving the code generated without anyone’s knowledge.

2. Database Integration – VBA enables teams to produce solutions, which look almost indistinguishable from applications built on the dedicated IDE. Obviously. Many firms leverage VBA in conjunction with other Microsoft technologies like C# to produce proprietary solutions. It is really an very economical method to implement methods to cater a firm’s internal need without getting to interact an exterior contractor.

3. Scalability – Even though this is an element that could come under automation but it’s worth mentioning solely. VBA is very scalable. What this means is, that they like every other programming language employed for Database integration, additionally, it enables you to produce new modules whenever needed. This is achieved by creating additional modules inside the same project. This can be a very effective feature to possess for that investment. It thus enables teams to incorporate new aspects towards the automation whenever needed even just in a continuing lengthy-term analytics program.

Obviously, VBA can’t ever be implemented with no proper infrastructure for data transformation. It’s suggested that VBA not be employed to automate the information transformation related tasks because such steps require intervention at various points, which may be difficult to incorporate included in the automation. However, when a data continues to be processed through say, audit command language scripts or SAS scripts, it’s open season to leverage VBA as appropriate.

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